The Fast-Growing Hybrid Technology and Its Concerns

The hybrid battery

Hybrid Battery is just like any other battery. The only difference is that it is rechargeable. Well, there are many other batteries which are rechargeable, but the hybrid batteries are what you can call a collection of many batteries to provide you with more energy to power the larger machines. The hybrid batteries are used in cars. If you go for defining the hybrid battery, then it is a pack of cells in which the two electrodes are present and are separated by the polymer film to avoid contact between the two electrodes which can cause a short circuit. Your mobile phone contains a single battery but, the larger machines need more power. They are powered by some cells which together make a large battery. Hybrid battery in this sense can be referred to as larger than the large battery.

Difference between the hybrid battery and Standard Battery:

Structural Difference: A standard car battery consists of 6 to 12 cells. The battery in standard cars is just used to ignite the fuel upon pressing the ignition whereas the battery of the hybrid is a pack of multiple cells.

Effect on Environment: in a conventional car which uses a standard battery burns the fuel to keep the car moving and hence it has very negative effects on the environment. It contributes highly to the pollution which is gradually making our world more and more exposed to global warming.

Fuel Efficiency: Hybrid batteries are more efficient as they require less amount of fuel to move for higher distances. They use up very less fuel as compared to normal cars and are hence more budget friendly.

Working of a Hybrid Car:

Conventional cars are fueled with petrol or gasoline whereas hybrid cars use a hybrid battery along with the fuel. The hybrid car runs on fuel, but it switches to the battery when the car stops. When you stop at a signal, the engine will automatically stop burning the fuel and the rest of the features like air conditioner, etc. would be powered by a hybrid battery, and when you move again, the fuel will be ignited to have your car going again. In this way, hybrid cars use less fuel and are cost effective. Besides being cost effective, hybrid cars are also comparatively environment-friendly as they don’t keep on burning the fuel all the time polluting your environment.

How long is the life of a hybrid Battery?

One big concern is how long the battery lives and when would it need a recharge and when a replacement? The answers to these questions are simple. Previously the batteries needed to be replaced in a few years and cost of replacement can lie anywhere between $1,000 and $6,000 depending on the model. The hybrid cars not very cost effective as the battery replacement costs far more than what the gasoline would have cost. But the issue is now resolved to a greater extent by making the batteries cheaper and also by increasing their battery life. Some hybrid batteries are reported to last a lifetime.

Replacement of a hybrid battery:

All for all, there is a moment when you will need a hybrid battery replacement. So the question remains how much the replacement costs? And how much will it cost in the days to come? The earliest Toyota Prius leading in the market of hybrid cars costs an easy $5,500 which dropped $2,000 in the next generation Prius whereas the third generation had the price tag of $2,500 for the battery replacement. So calculating from the trend, we can easily say that the costs would reduce to an easy price in the future. The price, for now, is given to be around $2000 -$3000, although if you want to go for the very lower price, then hybrid batteries can be found in the junkyard with some worn-out hybrids.

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