Electric Vehicles

  • Advancing inventing Era of Electric Tractor

    The electric tractor is the new invention, while I think so it is a great invention to support are farmers, agriculture system and crops. It is running on heavy power batteries and those batteries are especially used in big vehicles and in big energy sources.

    Its battery power is "129KWH" and at high stability power and with having the automatic system, which shows battery power, ranges, health and power input or output.

  • Importance and Benefits of the Electric Power Steering Pump

    Being a driver and a car enthusiast everyone wants to keep their vehicle managed and in good condition. They spend lots of money on buying beneficial electric and other accessories for their cars. They keep it upgraded, beautiful, stylish and comfortable as much as possible. When we care for our cars so much then why not consider the most critical part of the vehicle first ‘power steering.’ This mechanism ensures the safety and security of the driver and other passengers so, it should be well maintained and in good condition in…

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  • Volkswagen: Electric Vehicle Technology Inbound to the US

    German automobile giant Volkswagen AG has unveiled plans for a new fleet of electric vehicles in the US. The landmark project is reported to cost a whopping $800 million and will be launched from its current manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    The move is being made amidst talks with Ford Motors, hinting at a global collaboration. Volkswagen has remained a household name synonyous with posh and quality car travel since its establishment in 1937 but has received its fair share of bad press over the years.This…

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  • All You Need to Know About 2018 Ford Focus Electric

    Revolutions are happening every day in the field of technology, and when talking about cars then it occurs after every minute. Soon we are about to move to the complete transformation in the industry of vehicles with the introduction of self-drive cars, driver-less cars or free cars, whatever you call it. But for now, all the significant tech aces are trying to find new ways to come over the issues being faced. One such change was made with the introduction of electric cars which will help remarkably in reducing the pollution caused by increasing the number of vehicles…

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  • Electric Cars and How You Can Make One for Yourself

    Electric cars are a new invention in the field of making cars advanced and more efficient. Electric cars run on batteries which need charging rather than an engine running on petrol, diesel or gas. These are known to reduce the costs as they will be running on energy supplies by batteries and won’t require gasoline to fuel up the engine. The electric car is a bold step forward as it puts an end to the most unfortunate happening which the gasoline cars are up to. As the fuel burns, it emits smoke, causing pollution. The fast-growing world of vehicles and hence corruption…

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  • Chevrolet Bolt EV

    Electric vehicles are clearly the way forward and they’re slowly phasing out the internal-combustion engine (ICE), but they’re not without their drawbacks. Since the technology is extremely new, most EVs still fetch a rather hefty premium. Even small electric cars such as BMW’s i3 cost the thick end of $50,000, and you can forget about buying a Model S unless you have at least $76,000 to spare. Thankfully, there’s one alternative which slides in below the $40,000 mark and is just as capable as everything else. We are, of course, talking about the Chevrolet Bolt.

  • The latest electric vehicles coming up in 2019

    There is always s new version in the market for electric car enthusiasts to sample. The future seems to be headed to this revolution, as the world prepares for a post-oil era. There has been a lot of innovativeness incorporated by many companies partnering with technology solution ventures to produce improved versions of electric vehicles. Although the deals have not produced the best solution, which will attract the masses yet, there are many efficient

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  • Why You Should Own an Electric Bike

    Even before my college graduation, I had already received a gift that turns out to be the most useful resource in my world today.

    My dad bought me an electric bike!

    I wasn’t sure why of all things in the world he would think am still interested in bike adventures. At the time, I had all the big career ambitions and looking forward to moving out to my own apartment and hopefully buy my first car. A bike was the last thing in my mind. I mean where was I supposed to go with a bike when am looking forward to work-home lifestyle?

    But as the years roll by, I come to reality…

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  • Why You Should Buy a Used Electric Car

    The Tesla models were a definition of the beautiful and high-tech vehicles in the industry. The convenience and benefits of EVs cannot be overstated. An electric vehicle was first on the road only 2 years back; the cars are still on the infancy. However, most manufacturers have taken up the challenge and integrated their experience and car building skills to make efficient and reliable EVs. Read More

  • The Future of Airplane is the Electric Aircrafts

    With increased concerns for global warming and preservation of our planet, governments are increasingly focusing on radical measures to contribute their efforts. Preparation for the post-oil era is a worldwide thing now as companies join in the efforts to secure the future generation. The aviation industry also made efforts to reduce carbon emissions by using biofuels. However, there seems to be a need for a bigger solution to replace the kerosene-burning commercial aircraft.

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  • What You Should Know About Electric Vehicles And Why You Should Have One

    The electric vehicle is a leading technological breakthrough in the world today. An electric vehicle (also known as an electric car) is an automobile that is powered or propelled by electricity which is usually stored in rechargeable batteries. The importance of electric vehicles cannot be overemphasized. Because of the use of fossil fuel, we have experienced things such as an increase in oil prices, climate change, global warming…

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  • The Best Off-Road Go Karts for Kids

    These days there is little you can do to engage your kids in exterior fun activities thanks to the tablets and gaming centers. Now you have a good idea to take them of the couch comfort of their rooms into the outside for some real and practical fun activity. If you are spoilt for choices of toys to help them improve their motor skills to get out of the house, try the electric Go Kart. This off road Go kart could be your solution for the appropriate toy for them.

  • All You Need To Know about Electric Vehicles

    Since March 2016,Tesla Motor,  has been the main brand behind the EVs. It was a surprise product, which has gradually attracted the consumer world. After the 3 Tesla models, the car manufacturers had no option other than to join the force. It was a no longer a single man show because Volkswagen, Land Rover, General Motors, and Ford had come in with tones of experience. There is more competition in the market, which is always a good thing for consumers. Read More

  • Fiat 500e: Still Innovative and Darling

    If you are a little bit into history and are enthusiastic about cars, then you must know that Fiat 500 has always been a darling among customers. Back in the day, it was an innovative car that was considered to be the epitome of future technologies, with its decency and compactness. It was especially considered great in Europe as it was perfect for the small European towns and narrow alleys. Fast forward to now, 60 years later, Fiat 500 is once again crossing boundaries of creativity. This time, however, it is doing electrically,…

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  • The Revolutionary 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle

    The ultimate driving experience has, for some time, been hindered by the fact that the increase in transportation correlates with climate change. Such a phenomenon sparks revolution: the 2018 NIO ES8 Electric Vehicle provides drivers with a safe, reliable, and forward-thinking experience at a surprisingly affordable cost. Compared with other vehicles of its class, this car is the first in many categories, including AI, power, and safety. This article is a review of the vehicle, to include a summary on the appearance and…

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  • What is a Hybrid Car and Why Are They so Popular?

    At first glance, plug-in hybrid vehicles look a lot like their cousins that run on standard gasoline. What sets them apart, however, is the engine beneath their hood. Hybrid vehicles run on a combination of electricity (battery power) and standard gasoline. They are known for their efficiency and fuel economy. Most are designed in the form of passenger vehicles, but they are also produced in the form of trucks, commercial vehicles, vans, and even military vehicles. Hybrid vehicles have been available to the public since…

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  • How Electric Vehicles are Changing Our Future

    With the rise in global concerns about climate change, technological advancement, and the surging oil prices, the world is warming up towards a shift in overdependence on fossil fuels. Several countries around the world are acknowledging the need for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to mitigate climate change. The automobile industry is among the sectors where this change is much deserved, and with the look of things, non-liquid fuels like natural gas and electricity are turning out to be the remedy for the menace…

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