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What is the strateg...

What is the strategy Toyota Hybrid cars?  


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25/07/2019 5:05 am  

Toyota recently had a strategic change that states that the whole Toyota lineup will have hybrid cars. That means from Yaris to Highlander. Yaris hybrid (known as Vitz in Japan) is already available in Japan. This is fantastic! I wonder how much they make on hybrid cars. GM doesn't fit two-mode hybrids in their crossovers(Outlook, Enclave, Acadia) because they will make less profit. This is ridiculous! The Desoto from Mercedes will be available in 7 years whereas GM's HCCI is available from 2015! The transducers are expensive. Can't they jointly purchase to lower the price? Anyway, HCCI is a great way to fight the Japanese. and I think GM is slackening up!

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27/07/2019 5:43 pm  

I like GMs less expensive and simpler hybrids.. The "mild hybrid" like they use in the new Saturn I think only adds like $1500 to the cost of the car making it affordable for lot's more buyers. The larger SUVs have hybrid and cylinder de-activation combinations at GM also.



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