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How does Tesla mode...

How does Tesla model 3 comparison petrol cars?  


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24/04/2019 5:30 am  

Compare some unique features worth = US $ 35,000

Full fuel / battery range- 200 miles demand.

Seating capacity / space =?

Charging / fuel time = 1 hour

How does the same price range compare to a normal car? Among these parameters and others.

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25/04/2019 2:58 am  

Well, for one, it can drive itself hands-free on the highway. It has a trunk at both the back and the front. It can be charged overnight at your house for a low cost, or for free at a Tesla supercharger. No oil changes, belts, coolant fluid, brake fluid. Plus, its much quicker to accelerate off the line than a gas powered car because it has instant torque instead of having to rev up.

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