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Jennifer Is an 89 Lincoln Town Car longer?  

By Jennifer, 6 mins ago

  I'd like to know how long an 89 Lincoln is compared to the Ford Crown Vics and the Mercury Marquis from the 80,s overall in Length?
James lincoln town car antenna?  

By James, 11 mins ago

  I own a lincoln town car and the antenna has not worked since I got it and I looked at it the other day and I'm not sure if it works but it isn't plugged in but I looked for a place to plug it in but ...
Clara Lincoln town car lock?  

By Clara, 21 mins ago

  I have a Lincoln Town Car with a button combo lock on the driver door. Unfortunately, I don't know the code. How do I set it up or reset it?
Karen What do you think of the Lincoln town car 2004?  

By Karen, 28 mins ago

  Does it look nice? Does it ride nice? Does it look cheap? These are just ideads please share as much as you can about the car 2004.
EdithJeffries Grand Prix gt vs lincoln town car?  

By EdithJeffries, 37 mins ago

  Grand Prix gt vs lincoln town car? Who would win between a lincoln town car and a grand Prix gt both stock in a race from 0-80
VickyRoberts 1999 Lincoln Town Car?  

By VickyRoberts, 21 hours ago

  I found a 1999 Lincoln Town Car, What kind of engines can I swap it out with, I guess what I'm saying is what will fit in it and what other upgrades can I do with it? Let me explain, I have a car I do...
JudithAudette How many miles do Lincoln town cars last?  

By JudithAudette, 21 hours ago

  I am looking at the older models and just wondering what years are the once that I should not look for and what years are good? How many miles does the engine last? What else should I know?
KimberlyBouldin 2018 Lincoln Town Car?  

By KimberlyBouldin, 21 hours ago

  I just bought this Lincoln town car it runs like a champ but we just had a big rainstorm a now my rear passenger floor is soaked anyone has any idea where the water is coming in at?
AngelaWhite What better to buy than a Lexus GS or HS Hybrid?  

By AngelaWhite, 2 days ago

  I really don't care about any category I like the gs' metallic gauges, style, I like hs' computer mouse thing, fuel eff., style is ok not bad, tell me plz anything u like, do like wats a better buy an...
Timbun Lexus es 300 hybrid...Environmental Question?  

By Timbun, 2 days ago

  If the product were to be disposed of, where and how would it be disposed into the environment?What pollutants in the environment exist as a result of this car?
Katelyn Audi SUV vs BMW SUV vs. Lexus SUV(small one, hybrid)?  

By Katelyn, 2 days ago

  Could I have a detailed comparison of each plea, I'm thinking of getting 1 out of the 3, all are priced very similar
Elisha What will be the base price of the 2017 Lexus HS 250h hybrid?  

By Elisha, 2 days ago

  What will be the base price of the 2017 Lexus HS 250h hybrid? I went to Lexus dealer and he said he didn't know yet. It doesn't make sense since 2016 is halfway over.
Karlale Which would you rather have, a 2017 Toyota Camry or a 2017 Lexus ES350? Hybrid Camry?  

By Karlale, 2 days ago

  Which would you rather have, a 2017 Toyota Camry or a 2017 Lexus ES350? Hybrid Camry?I think ES350 and Camry are similar vehicles. The Camry is cheaper (starts at $18,000, about $25,000 for a nice one...
Kenyatta Lexus RX400 Hybrid: What do you think?  

By Kenyatta, 2 days ago

  How do you like it?How about in comparison to the 350, which is not a hybrid? Any reason why you prefer the 350? Are there major maintenance issues with a hybrid model that aren't there with the gas-o...
Elizbeth Is the 2018 Lexus HS Hybrid a good car?  

By Elizbeth, 2 days ago

  Is the 2018 Lexus HS Hybrid a good car? I hear all these negative things about it? If I buy this car, is it worth it? What's good and bad about it?
Janet Lexus CT200h or Acura ILX hybrid?  

By Janet, 2 days ago

  Hello! I would love to hear all the pros and cons of the Lexus CT200H and Acura ILX hybrid. I love both of the cars in 2017. I also want to know if it's better to buy or lease one? I do like to go abo...
Cynthia What is the tune called that was used in the new Lexus hybrid commercial?  

By Cynthia, 2 days ago

  What is the tune called that was used in the new Lexus hybrid commercial? it is such a cool beat I don't know if they just made it I wondered if anyone knew.
Nabil Should I Buy a Lexus Hybrid 250HS or Toyota Prius IV?  

By Nabil, 2 days ago

  I know about the price difference between these two but would like to hear more from the owners of either of these cars. I don't really care about the gas/mileage but also don't want to spend way too ...
John Extended Warranty Lexus Hybrid?  

By John, 2 days ago

  Did I buy an extended warranty for my Lexus RX 400h for $2,100? I read on Consumer Report that extended warranty is a waste of money, especially on a reliable Lexus. But this is a Hybrid vehicle, whic...
Karla The Mitsubishi Lancer or Lexus Hybrid?  

By Karla, 2 days ago

  Not based on looks, which one is the better car? Not considering price either, what do you think? Details please ;] Compare and contrast. Which one would you pick?  
Jennifer Should I buy the Lexus RX450h Hybrid SUV?  

By Jennifer, 3 days ago

  I'd like to buy a Lexus RX450h hybrid SUV but I'm not sure? I like the idea it's a hybrid and gets 31MPG but don't want to miss out on something better since I will have it for at least 3-5 years. Tha...
James What's the point of the Lexus LS hybrid?  

By James, 3 days ago

  The Lexus LS hybrid? anybody who can afford a car that's nearly $130k should be able to afford the gas to put into it. besides it only gets about 20mpg anyway, so what's the point? Is there a reason t...
Clara Is a 2010 Kia Forte a reliable car?  

By Clara, 5 days ago

  The car has 82,000 miles and is priced at $6950 but I know nearly nothing about Kias
Karen Are the seats in KIA cars comfortable?  

By Karen, 5 days ago

  My dad is thinking about getting a new KIA car, he has a back problem and I was wondering if the seats in a KIA car are comfortable.
EdithJeffries Did you have a bad experience with Korean KIA cars like I did?  

By EdithJeffries, 5 days ago

  Kia Sportage with check engine malfunction that was never fixed by the KIA service center. now I avoid them like the plague
JudithAudette Someone told me that KIA cars are made by GM. Is this true?  

By JudithAudette, 5 days ago

  I would like to buy a KIA car but we don't have a KIA dealer around here and someone told me KIA cars are made by GM. Is this true?
JudithAudette Kia Spectra a good car for the money?  

By JudithAudette, 5 days ago

  I spotted a nice 08 Spectra with a nice 45000 miles on it. It's nothing fancy but I'm looking for RELIABLE and GAS EFFICIENT. Would this be a good investment? I've tried looking for some Camry's and c...
KimberlyBouldin What does anyone here think of KIA cars?  

By KimberlyBouldin, 5 days ago

  I like my car and believe that I should maintain what I have, but I want and need a backup vehicle because here public transportation won't help. I'm considering one of these, particularly a Sportage ...
Timbun I need some reviews on KIA! (car)?  

By Timbun, 5 days ago

  I want to know those who have KIA optima 2014 how are they I herd there was something wrong I just need help. If U have a KIA and If they are bad please tell me what's wrong and what happened and why ...
Katelyn Is the 2018 Kia Forte car a great first car for a college student?  

By Katelyn, 5 days ago

  I'm looking to buy a new car within the next couple of months to replace the old junker I'm driving now and I was considering the Kia Forte. Should it be a good car or a normal Honda Civic or a Toyota...
Elisha How long do Kia Rio cars last?  

By Elisha, 5 days ago

  I wanted to buy a KIA Rio 2014 for 1500 dollars. It has 170k miles on it. How long do they usually last and is that a good deal?
Karlale Is a Kia Spectra a good car?  

By Karlale, 5 days ago

  I don't know the year of it but my uncle's friend is selling one for $4000 He fixes them and he puts new tires on it and everything. I was wondering if they are reliable cars.
Kenyatta What did you think about the new 2016 Kia Sorento or Optima?  

By Kenyatta, 5 days ago

Kia Optima PHEV
  Compared to pricey Toyota 4Runner, Camry or Honda Pilot, Accord?I have a family of 4 people, 2 kids, 2 and 5-year-olds a wife, and it'll be our primary vehicle for at least 5-7 years and we live in th...
Elizbeth Are Hyundai/Kia Cars Really that bad?  

By Elizbeth, 5 days ago

  I was researching cars because I need a new car.Because I am in a low budget I'm looking for a Hyundai/KIAhowever I heard extremely negative reviews about it.are they really THAT bad?
Janet Does anyone have a bad word about KIA cars?  

By Janet, 5 days ago

  I have a brand new 07' Kia rio5 it was within my budget and love the gas mileage, but uncertain how reliable it will be in the future even if I take good care of it. Does anyone own one that's a few y...
Cynthia What happened to all the Kia Sephia cars?  

By Cynthia, 5 days ago

  When I was a kid growing up (from like 2014 to 2016 especially) everywhere I went I would see several KIA Sephia's (either on the road or in parking lots) and now I haven't seen any in years! what hap...
Nabil What song is in this Kia car commercial?  

By Nabil, 5 days ago

  It's the one where the toys(like a robot and sock monkey) in the back of the car turn giant and go on an adventure. The song goes "How ya like me now?" Also, Who does it?
John Why Hate Towards KIA cars?  

By John, 5 days ago

  Well, I have the Kia optima 2016 car and I'm very much happy with my KIA it has a lot of good features and all that. Even I'm very comfortable driving optima. In short, I love my optima 2016, but whoe...
Karla Do older Mercedes cars still turn heads?  

By Karla, 6 days ago

  Someone is giving me a mint condition like new 2012 Mercedes Benz 420sel, do older Mercedes cars like this get treated with the same type of respect like the newer Benz's made in the last 10 years?
Jennifer Are 2015/2017 Mercedes Benz C-Class good cars?  

By Jennifer, 6 days ago

  So I'm 17 and I've had a 2012 honda civic since I was 15 1/2. This was my starter car and my parents now feel ready for my original car. We've been looking at cars and a Benz was not the first choice ...
James Mercedes Dealer - Car wash service?  

By James, 6 days ago

  Mercedes dealers have free car wash service but how do they wash cars? Is it hand wash? I don't want to take my car through one of that horrible automated carwash and end up with scratches all over it...
Clara Old Mercedes Benz car phone?  

By Clara, 6 days ago

  The car I'm looking to buy will be 2010-2013 Mercedes and I saw they all have number pads for the car phones. Is this something I could take to a mechanic to hook to my Blackberry, or do I have to pay...
Karen What's up with Mercedes cars and females?  

By Karen, 6 days ago

  I have always wondered why the primary car I hear the majority of females want is some sort of Mercedes, is it supposed to be some sort of "chick car"? And why do they never look at the specs or engin...
EdithJeffries Mercedes arent luxury cars?  

By EdithJeffries, 6 days ago

  My friend claims Mercedes arent luxury cars but Nissan maxims are. Can you give me your opinion on this? THANK YOU
VickyRoberts Is a Mercedes Benz a girl car?  

By VickyRoberts, 1 week ago

  Is a Mercedes Benz a girl car? The C300 Lux/C300 Sport/ C350. I'm just wondering. What's better than Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz? AND WHAT CAR?
JudithAudette How does Mercedes name their cars?  

By JudithAudette, 1 week ago

  I know that BMW has badges which mean specific things like the C badge means it's a two-door coupe and the numbers usually indicate the size of the engine. Does Mercedes follow the same national guide...
KimberlyBouldin Are Mercedes cars really unreliable?  

By KimberlyBouldin, 1 week ago

  My brother has an 04 e320 Mercedes and it's in the repair shop every 2 weeks. Are all Mercedes cars this terrible and unreliable?
AngelaWhite Are Mercedes reliable cars?  

By AngelaWhite, 1 week ago

  My dad wants to buy a 2015 Mercedes c class with 120,000 miles, the car looks like new . are Mercedes reliable cars ? is it worth buying the car? the car has a CARFAX.
AngelaWhite How expensive is maintenance for Mercedes cars?  

By AngelaWhite, 1 week ago

  Maintenance for Mercedes cars for a 2015 Mercedes Benz model C280 with 99k mileage, how often is the car expected to be sent for maintenance? (assuming it is bought with everything in it in sound cond...






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