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I have a question a...

I have a question about Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle  


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26/02/2019 3:47 pm  

I have been reading the website for this electric car. It says that you get "driving up to 100 miles to run a charge" but your range may vary for some different reasons. I'm worried about the issue that is saying air conditioner or decrease the driving range of heaters. Does anyone know how much it will reduce the driving range? I like to help the environment, but in the winter cold or bone cold cold cold weather I am not, so my air conditioner or heaters are running.

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26/02/2019 6:44 pm  

it make a huge impact on the performance of your car while air conditioner or heaters are running in your car.

the reduction of performance depend on the weather outside.

too much cold or too much hot both make a impact on engine. much the load engine have to deal with , could reduce the speed of your car.

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08/03/2019 6:03 am  

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