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Which model is the ...

Which model is the best hybrid car, out of the BMW or Mercedes or Audi Brands?  


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16/05/2019 2:41 pm  

In terms of performances, design, autonomy, environment, fuel mileage ( miles per gallon, or kilometer per liter ), etc
And how much is it?

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16/05/2019 4:35 pm  

The only fully electric car that has done a pilot run recently was the "Leaf". It took 4 days to do a trip that would normally take 7 hours and it traveled on average at 10mph!

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29/05/2019 3:06 pm  

I don't know about hybrids but there no electric cars coming from any of those brands before 2012 and more likely 2014. And as for best hybrid, it is a matter of taste and pocketbook. The best place to look is the websites for your brands of interest. If the car is available for sale it will be there with all of the specs.

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