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I will buy this Maz...

I will buy this Mazda car, what is your opinion?  


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27/03/2019 8:18 am  

2018 Mazda-3 movie can be seen in good condition. 51000 km, black, heated seats, the backup camera, DVD, power lock, sunroof, MP3, etc.
Price: $ 7800
Should I consider this car, or is it a red flag?

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01/04/2019 12:55 pm  

Kijiji like craigslist, a notorious hangout for scammers. They post a car that they shut down the internet and it's advertising for an amazing price. When you contact them, they are always at some remote locations, usually military, and offer you a free car. They offer to "secure" your money through PayPal, Amazon, or any other well-known service. You will end up losing your money and there is no car. Just do not tell.

Do not buy a car that you can not see, visit, test, and talk face-to-face with the seller.

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