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Hi From Evi Power  


Evi Power
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03/01/2019 8:14 pm  

Hi, I am Evi Power, my pen name, and I love technology, energy, and science fiction. People think I am weird because I am just who I am ha..ha..ha..  😆  😆  😆 I have lots of freebies coming and I am full of imagination and I love to share with you my brain ha...ha...ha... 😆  😆  😆 

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09/02/2019 10:03 pm  

Good Afternoon, I am going to buy an either an electric car or an electric scooter, it is the way of the 

the future. I live In Canada so not sure of the ability of this type of transportation is viable for travel in our North, which is weekend cottage country.

I look forward to hearing more and investigating this awesome forum.

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10/02/2019 3:07 am  

Electric Vehicles are the future coming. It's going to be the next industrial revolution. It is slowly coming in Canada and many car companies are working on their electric car soon to come out in a few years. It's going to change our world, it's going to change our environment, less pollution and carbon emissions and they will get cheaper and cheaper in the future. 

Electric motorcycles, scooters, aircraft, etc.. are also coming. Everything will be mostly electric in the future. Countries like China are already leading the way in electric and they are growing way faster than any country in the world turning electric into a reality very soon they will have no more gas cars and everything is electric.

I hope Canada can be that fast but it's coming slowly.

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13/02/2019 4:23 am  

Nice to meet you on this great evipower forum. I hope you to see you around.

naren kumar
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21/02/2019 5:25 pm  

electric cars are necessity of future, the population is growing very fast and we have limited sources of fuel. on other hand, it release a lot of harmful gases in our environment.

to keep safe this world for our coming generations we have to find a solution to reduce pollution.

we cant cut the number of vehicles but of course we can cut down the pollution to save environment.

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01/03/2019 7:15 am  

Welcome to the forum  I have to tell you, this forum is great! I have learned many things and wish you all the best on your quest here!

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28/09/2019 11:57 am  

Welcome to forum looking forward to see your posts bro



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