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How can a hybrid Al...

How can a hybrid Altima jump start my Kia?  


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12/07/2019 4:42 am  

I asked this yesterday and everyone kept saying either it has 12 volts, it doesn't, it can't if it does. Basically, I opened his hood and couldn't see any negative or positive on his battery. My cars still dead! Someone said to open the trunk but I saw nothing there.

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14/07/2019 4:24 pm  
  1. It has 12-volt battery somewhere
  2. Forget the internet and Q&A
  3. Call...[with a phone] your local Nissan dealer aks the people who know if and how you find and access battery..before you go mucking around and blow it up find out from the experts, ask for the parts dept, they know everything the service dept knows but are not the pricks the service dept has

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