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How are the 2012 Hy...

How are the 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid works?  


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12/07/2019 4:34 am  

About a week and a half ago my mom bought the 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. She has been scared that she isn't getting the gas mileage that was expected. She thought she wouldn't use the amount of gas she used in the first couple of days she had the car. So she went back to the dealership to ask more questions and also get a scratch buffed out. They told her that the car needs to be broken in, they say it takes a while before the car can be in an electric mode more often. So my question to you is if this is true. Also, I was wondering how the car uses the electric and gas, like how does it switch, when does it switch, etc. The dealer said its always electric unless you go over 74mph. But that's bullshit because my mom never goes over 74 and she used gas in the first couple of days. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would help me out, whoever is good with cars, mostly hybrids would have the best bet at answering this.

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19/07/2019 3:46 pm  

I always thought hybrids switch from electric to gas if you go over 40mph. People also say Hybrids are good, but they aren't. What happens when the batteries die and they need to be changed? Where do they put the old batteries? Batteries are filled with acid and it's a dangerous waste.


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