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Hybrid or electric car?  


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28/02/2019 10:42 am  

A hybrid car has an combustion engine that runs on gasoline and an electric motor with an attached rechargeable battery pack for electric-powered driving. PHEVs generally have larger electric batteries than standard hybrids, with the ability to drive only on electric power.

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28/02/2019 10:44 am  

Electric vehicle emissions are clearly dependent on the electricity source. With a theoretical all coal electricity grid, they would emit more greenhouse gases than today's gasoline cars. With natural gas electrics fare much better, and with renewable electricity better yet.

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28/02/2019 3:07 pm  

in my opinion, hybrid car is good.

it uses both fuel as well as electricity.

hybrid car start with electricity and after reaching a specific speed it automatically turns on fuel.

speed and performance are not an issue.

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15/04/2019 4:45 am  

Be careful of diesel I hear complaints from truckers that DEF is causing extreme maint. Problems and expense. And there is an electric plane I believe still flying around the world but it is unmanned and solar powered. Electric is the future get used to it and hang on tight it's a hoot I love the raw power!

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15/04/2019 4:46 am  

There is a vid of a Tesla model x drag racing a Lambo and beat it. An electric SUV beating a supercar

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18/07/2019 6:24 am  

Both are good, it's up to you.

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