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F350 Versalift worth is not running?  


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18/05/2019 4:30 pm  

This is a cherry picker that was an Electric Company truck in service for five years and sold at auction. It was used infrequently on a small private tree farm and has been sitting and not running for 10 years. We have an offer of $1000 to maybe $1500. Is this giving it away or are the parts not worth anything?

F350 Versalift (cherry picker)
2018 Public Service Co. vehicle purchased 9/91 for private use on the tree farm
Versalift needs new hydraulic hoses
F350 is not running

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24/05/2019 4:35 pm  

If you're not a mechanic, start at $50 and work your way up....seeing what other bids are offered before upping yours. As a buyer, it could be a black hole of repairs or a really good buy......three weeks after the purchase. the seller of this, you are correct, take the highest offer and sell it "AS IS"

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