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Evs  are really environmentally friendly?  


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29/05/2019 12:35 pm  

Compared to the fuel feeding vehicles, we went without any emissions. But the steam in the air does not emit, even when the batteries are resuscitated? And in the long run, if billions of batteries die and what will be needed to replace? Where do you dump them or leave them? They will surely be big time contaminated. So is it really a good alternative against fuel feeding vehicles?

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29/05/2019 2:28 pm  

There is a problem with the battery, but where will we get the power to get the battery charge? Our electrical power is mainly produced from coal and it is dirty, so power consumption in electricity will require more coal consumption and possibly natural gas.

Or we could conceivably each have solar cells installed at out homes to charge our cars -- except our cars are at the office during sunlight hours, so we would have to store the solar energy to charge our car batteries in another array of batteries at home.

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