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[Solved] Buying an electric vehicle - new or used?  


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22/02/2019 9:18 am  

Before any car purchase, most consumers ask a question, New or used?Buying a new car can come with perks, particularly when shopping for an electric vehicle. A new car purchase is the only way to claim the EV tax credit.

That said, there are also plenty of benefits for buying a used or pre-owned car, electric or otherwise. Cars lose a significant portion of their value once they're driven off the dealership's lot for the first time, which makes used cars quite a bit less expensive than new ones.

Of course, there are many ways of buying a used EV differs from other types of pre-owned car purchases.

The battery health issue:
Battery health is important for any used car purchase. When looking at used EVs, though, the battery is critical.

Batteries in internal combustion engine, or ICE, vehicles typically last three years, according to Conversely, EV batteries typically come with eight-year warranties, and some models are designed to last even longer.

Even though EV batteries are built for the long haul, and your used EV likely isn't more than a decade old, it's still pertinent to check that the battery is in good condition.

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22/02/2019 9:35 am  

There are fewer things that may need maintenance!
When looking at a used ICE car, there's a long checklist of items you should inspect: the fuel pumps, timing belt, oil and air filters, transmission and many more items must be in working order for a driver to trust the vehicle.

None of these items are included in an EV's design, which means there are fewer maintenance issues that may come along with a used EV purchase. Instead of all these fuel-related parts, you'll only have to pay attention to one thing: the battery.

When shopping for a used electric car, you may consider a variety of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric options. With the latter, there will, of course, be some gasoline components that you must take into consideration in addition to the battery health.

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22/02/2019 12:16 pm  

Would this be the main factor one would consider if purchasing a used EV? I was looking to learn more about what stuff to check or should be a deal breaker when purchasing a used EV.

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22/02/2019 2:27 pm  

Cool. Thanks for the information. I wonder if it's worth the shot to buy a used one or just go on and splurge a bit more on a new one. 

naren kumar
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23/02/2019 5:52 pm  

i like to buy used cars for less expensives .

after checking few important notes one can buy a good car at less amount.

dont buy tooo used car, go for one or two years old model only.

oil and air filters , batteries, any accident or legal issues must be check in before buying.

trust me, you shall not regret for buying used one.

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