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DC Fast Charge and Safe Charging  


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AC charging is easy to find, since the electrical grid is AC. The necessary conversion for the EV battery, which is DC, is done by a converter on board of the EV. All that is needed, external to the car, is equipment that controls and monitors the process, and assures the adequate protections. However, the on-board converter is limited in power for reasons of cost, space and weight, making the process usually take several hours to recharge your car.

DC fast charging (also know as Level 3 charging), on the contrary, connects directly to the car’s battery, allowing the off-board equipment to have any power needed. DC charging is capable of charging to 80% the electric vehicle’s battery in less than 20 minutes for most cars, making the EV charging process much faster than the normal charging process.

DC fast charging is therefore essential for drivers and fleets to be able to use their cars without the fear of running out of energy, as they can easily recharge in a small break, when wanted or needed.
DC fast charging stations provide a high power DC current, generally up to 120 kW, to the electric vehicle’s battery without passing through any onboard AC/DC converter, which means the current is connected directly to the battery. Most cars today can only use up to 50kW, so that is for most cases the maximum power that is being installed.

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