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How good is the ele...

How good is the electric car?  


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20/02/2019 4:25 pm  

How good are electric cars for the environment? What are the benefits for them? If anyone has good advice about the electric car. Please let me know

naren kumar
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20/02/2019 5:00 pm  


i think electric cars are good for our environment, it does not produce gases just like other fuel petrol diesel cars etc.

it saves money comparative to fuel. less maintenance cost is also a good point to buy a electric car.


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06/03/2019 11:19 am  

They can undoubtedly be good and depending on the source of energy can be significantly better. Initially, an internal combustion engine, maximum 40% efficient. About 80% percent of an electric motor is efficient. It protects the environment from pollution

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08/03/2019 6:14 am  

Electric cars are almost four times skilled as conventional cars. In a conventional car, about 80% of petroleum glazed gas is lost in potential heat dissipation, friction, running the engine while sitting in the car.

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