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Do not like electri...

Do not like electric cars?  


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26/02/2019 3:03 pm  

I'm preparing with my business partner to open a company by selling electric cars, these cars will be upgraded with garage charging and protected outdoor extension cables (cannot be stolen), charging will take 3 hours and it will be able to reach 80 m And the milestone of 500 miles. But many people disagree with EVS, your reasons might please, your opinion may be able to revolutionize electronic vehicles.


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26/02/2019 5:31 pm  

in my opinion, the speed issue may be a reason of dislike.

the electric cars cant compare the speed with fuel like diesel petrol or gasoline cars.

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08/03/2019 5:22 am  

People have great acceleration in electric cars! This is because they are either closed or not, they also do not need to correct. Until reaching the relative speed! Do not believe me If you have an electrical R / C car, then what will happen to the accelerator stick? It is immediately removed at that and started very fast. The same principle applies to full scale EV.

Oh, and if I have enough money to buy an electric car, I think (it does not appear as a matchbox car). Keep up the great work, and you have a website or something?



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