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How much will you p...

How much will you pay for the electric bill?  


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01/04/2019 12:07 pm  

If you have to recharge an electric car like Chevy volts every night then how much will you pay for the electric bill?

And if you live in an apartment without a garage?

Where would you plug your car?

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05/04/2019 12:37 pm  

I have heard that it is equivalent to 100 miles of gallon work equivalent to cost-gas is a very expensive power source. If we have more trees of Nuke, then after the initial cost is absorbed, maybe a few hundred, even thousands of miles away from Gallon.

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21/04/2019 7:10 am  

I think I read under $5 up to $10 a night at current rates in Los Angeles, which is a high priced electric city.

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