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Can I buy the BMW 3...

Can I buy the BMW 330i with 103,000 Miles?  


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01/03/2019 10:01 am  

I'm currently looking to buy a more stable car at 19. The second car I will own. Its great condition. Looking for more information from BMW owners?

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02/03/2019 10:14 pm  

Hey Elisha,

BMW's are known to be both reliable and unreliable so it's definitely difficult when looking at a used one. My recommendation would be to ask the dealership, or private seller, to see if you can take it to a shop to get it checked and make sure they aren't trying to hide anything from you.


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09/03/2019 7:56 am  

Model 328I 2018 It is nice to drive a car and some repair is expensive but worth it. (The actual price of this car is 11 000 $ -13 000 $ sure to make sure you do not go too much)

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