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I need tips buying ...

I need tips buying Audi A4  


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13/04/2019 5:05 am  

I'm looking to buy 2017 audio A4 2.8L or 1.8T to be used in the next few months. I'm aware of some of these cars but I would like to know all the issues. Inside the defective part from the isolated part, underlying as well as exterior. Also, any other purchase tips will be appreciated.

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21/04/2019 12:14 pm  

The price for any kind of part or repair is gonna be high because its an Audi, and it is no secret that a4's have had transmission problems, which get pricy to fix

for some reason, some of the people who have bought Audi's have had window problems and have needed to get them replaced

but I bought a used a4 and my friend bought a new one and neither of us has had a single problem

so just be prepared for the high price of possible maintenance

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