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What to do if we ca...

What to do if we cannot charge at home  


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27/02/2019 1:06 pm  

The home is the most convenient place to charge. But many are not allowed to charge at home and therefore don't even get an electric car. This applies not just to apartment or condominium dwellers, but anyone else who cannot control their parking space. Typical house owners can hire an electrician, run permits with the city, etc, and install a charging station at their home. Others must plead with a landlord or home owners association, who might not agree with the request.

You may be asking how to get an electric car charging station at your apartment complex. Or whether it's safe to run an extension cord from your apartment to your assigned parking space. Or whether it's allowed to charge your electric car using that power outlet in the wall of your carport. Desperation can drive us crazy, or as they say necessity is the mother of invention.

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27/02/2019 5:43 pm  

My house owner is not providing me facility of charging my electric car at home, thought he has a charging point.

how can i convince him to give me this facility,

using public charging points are expensive and time consuming.


does there any device which saves battery for me like extra battery .

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