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How quickly can the car with hydrogen fuel cells be found?  


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19/03/2019 10:23 am  

My first thought is that all oil has gone ... or will it be too late to affect global warming? Take the electric car for example. Automatic cars and oil companies did not have a monopoly on electric cars, so they had to go away. Although the infrastructure needed for hydrogen will be multi-fold for electricity generation, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles operating on our roads, it will take many more years until it is seen. I am afraid by the time this vehicle is widely available, it will be very late, very little. We may today make a difference with electric vehicles. Unlike hydrogen fuel cell cars, it's today's technology, not tomorrow. And you can charge an electric car at home ... how easy it is! Unfortunately, the auto industry and oil companies will not earn money in this way.

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30/03/2019 5:32 pm  

I think I will go with their compressed air car in Europe and this gives you a gas tank and air tank from LA to NY. They can be taken away and they are safe.

It's seen on the science channel

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